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Milk Chocolate, Nuts, Red Sicilian Orange, caramel

Origin: Colombia & Brasil


NC DECAF provides a pure coffee taste with no caffeine included.

We were saddened to find a wide range of decaffeinated products on the shelves that were lacking in body and taste. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in today’s coffee market. But, we took on this challenge and made our popular NC DECAF coffee – a real coffee!

To make it happen, we blended the finest Colombian and hazelnut Brasilian beans. They work seamlessly together and create a rich taste with notes of milk chocolate, nut, Red Sicilian orange, and even caramel.

We roast all of our coffees to bring the inside of the bean into the inside of your cup! And NC DECAF is no different. It is a well-developed, sweet, medium-roast blend.

It is perfect for enjoying both as an espresso and with milk.




Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs