As NordCoffee, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver exceptional standards and support our wholesale partners with a combination of great coffee, machinery-supply and coffee education.


We make sure that speciality is not a synonym of black magic. We coach on how to become confident in using your own equipment to make even the most advanced espresso and filter coffee as an element of your daily routine. We know how to effectively demonstrate techniques that will soon become second-nature to those we teach.


Understanding the safety processes involved in using the machinery provided to turn coffee beans into great drinks is necessary. We can train you all about safety, which will, in turn, meet your customer's expectations of your business in our ever-growing coffee industry.


Great experience amongst our team makes training the perfect opportunity to guide customers from complete beginner through to professional barista, including the delivery of internationally-recognised qualifications.


Meet our team

With years of experience and being a multi-awarded coffee champion, 
Eliasz understands the demands of both, working and competing barista with an ability to adjust training with individual client needs. Having him on board as a certified Q-Grader brings a piece of magic and tone of knowledge to our company. 

Message us to or speak to one of the crew to know more.